“How to become BBQ Pro” by Brad Jackson is a very informative book on grilling. There are so many recipes available in this great cookbook that even professional chefs will find something to love. Secrets of grilling: How to make, serve and feed your grill like the professionals. Delicious and mouth-watering recipes: From breakfast and appetizers to classic BBQ favorites, this cookbook contains it all. Detailed grilling directions: Each recipe comes with detailed, easy-to-read instructions that will make sure your food is perfectly grilled each time.

Brad Jackson is a three time American chef, specializing in BBQ. He loves to listen to stories from those who are passionate about food. So much of his knowledge of how to grill food came from his love of cooking as a family and his frustration with what he considered poor barbecue. That was until he decided to develop his own BBQ recipes and open his own barbecue restaurant. Having been married for 23 years, he realized it wasn’t just a way to make some easy bucks. It was also a way to share the joy of great food with friends and family, and with his daughter Lisa, he started creating grilled chicken dishes.

He created BBQ Sauce by using the highest quality ingredients and developing a taste that people loved. The sauce he developed is now used in more than 40 restaurants and more than a hundred grills throughout the United States. This award winning, best selling, BBQ Pro Cookbook is the perfect reference for anyone who wants to know how to BBQ perfectly grilled food. Brad’s commitment to good cooking techniques and using high quality ingredients make this book not only a great reference for BBQ enthusiasts but also a great cookbook for anyone who likes to cook.

If you are new to grilling and have never tried your favorite grilled foods, then you will truly appreciate this fantastic cookbook. Brad’s knowledge of barbecuing and his extensive knowledge of the best BBQ recipes make this cookbook a valuable resource for any BBQ lover. With clear instructions and lots of tips and tricks you can prepare meals fast and easy, which will make your BBQ experience more enjoyable. Plus, you will find that you don’t need a complicated charcoal grill to create great BBQ, because with the hundreds of easy to use recipes in the BBQ Pro book, even the most amateur of barbecue can prepare delicious barbecued chicken, brisket, pork, beef and vegetable.

In addition to the BBQ Pro book, there are several products that make grilling a breeze. The BBQ Pro Gas Grill is a professional grade barbeque that produces the highest quality cooking. With a nonstick surface, a high heat setting and an automatic shut off, the grill is easy to use and provides top quality cooking results every time. Plus, the BBQ Pro software helps you to experiment with different recipes and discover new ones that will blow your away.

When you want to impress your friends and family and give them the best tasting food, then you need to learn how to create great barbecued food, which is what the BBQ Pro Software does for you. In this amazing cookbook, you will learn how to grill meats and vegetables at home, so you can serve your friends and family tasty food that they will love. Not only will you be able to impress your friends, but you will find that this program will also help you save money on restaurant meals and purchase grocery items whenever you feel in need of some fresh groceries. Plus, since the BBQ Pro Software package comes complete, you will never have to leave the house to pick up the food you need.

What you will find in this amazing cookbook is a wide variety of mouth watering BBQ recipes. For example, you will learn how to make a barbeque pork shoulder and how to make a delicious barbeque beef brisket. Beyond these two great recipes, you will also learn how to make barbeque chicken, barbeque pork, barbeque ribs and barbeque steak. Each recipe will provide you with detailed instructions for preparation and cooking. Beyond the recipes themselves, you will learn about the unique ingredients that go into making these great foods and how to use the various components to create mouth-watering dishes.

Beyond just being able to cook meat, you will be able to grill vegetables, fruits and desserts. The BBQ Pro Software package comes with a grill brush that will help you turn your grill into a fine food preparation instrument. Plus, the grill brush has a handy tip to help you keep your food from sticking to the grill. Grill master gives you the tools you need to turn your favorite grill into the ultimate BBQ experience.