As soon as the days are getting longer and the good weather lures out, it tingles the first meat lovers in their hands again and there is nothing better than finally getting the grill out of hibernation! The Germans are a true grill nation and love to prepare meat, vegetables and other delicacies over the hot flames of a grill. Barbecuing on an open fire is considered the original form of meat preparation and finds enthusiastic supporters everywhere. If you ask when barbecue fans like to cheer on the grill, good weather and special occasions such as birthdays, holidays or TV football broadcasts are the most common reasons for spontaneous barbecues with friends and family. 

Steaks and sausages are the Germans’ favorite grill food 

According to a survey, juicy steaks are at the top of the popularity scale when grilling next to crisp sausages. In addition to premium cuts, such as the Ribeye or Strip Loin, are also insider tips like the Flank Steak or Hanging Tender for the preparation on the grill. A classic for the smoker, an oven in which the food is cooked or smoked over a long period of time in hot smoke, is definitely the Boston Butt by the LiVar Pig – perfect for Pulled Pork! But also ribs are a grilling pleasure, after which one licks the fingers! Juicy burgers, for example from the Wagyu, Chianina or Bison, have been popular for years. It is important that one pays attention to high-quality meat quality. With a steak of a cattle that have been bred sustainably and on the best terms, the first important step towards pleasure is done. 

Do BBQ right!

Before it comes to grilling, but not only the question of what you want to grill: It is also important how! So there are many different ways and options, his favorite food to prepare perfectly and for the maximum grilling pleasure. Most barbecue fans are pro-grilling supporters – here the meat is cooked on direct heat up to 900 ° C. Direct Grilling is perfect for pieces that are no thicker than 2.5cm, so-called short roast pieces. Another method that is perfect for poultry and roasts is indirect grilling. The meat is not placed directly over the embers. It is important not only that only half of the charcoal grate should be covered with embers, but also the lid of the grill should remain closed so that the heat can circulate. With a half-filled with water grill dish, which is on the grid next to the coals, you can easily catch the dripping grease from the lid. The water and the steam additionally ensure a constant heat in the grill. At temperatures of 150-200 ° C the food is cooked in smoke and humid air. A third grill method and the tip of the OTTO GOURMET Grill professionals is the backward method. The works – as the name suggests – exactly opposite to the more widespread “Vorgrillengrillen”. In the reverse method, the raw meat is first pre-cooked with indirect heat and the lowest possible temperature. The sharp grilling by direct heat, which serves to give the meat the special roasted aromas, takes place only in the second step. With a core temperature gauge, you can control the temperature in the meat. If this is 50-54 degrees, the steak is medium-rare. But no matter which method you decide on: For perfect meat enjoyment, you must not forget to let the meat rest after grilling before you cut it. Which barbecue is the right one? As in so many areas of life is also true when grilling: on the right 

The equipmentThe right accessory makes the pro. From preparation to serving, reliable helpers are needed to perfectly emphasize the taste of a juicy steak or a spicy sausage and to preserve the quality of the food throughout the preparation process. Let’s start with the decision for a barbecue. Here you have been choosing between many different models. Decision factors are in addition to budget and the demands that you put on the device, of course, the size that is available for the grill. But there is good news for all barbecue fans: there is the perfect grill for everyone!

Coal, gas or electric?

 If the right grilled food is found, today’s griller has to make another decision: coal, gas or electric grill? Each variant brings with it various advantages and disadvantages that must be weighed against each other. The classic is without question the charcoal grill. A charcoal grill is not for the impatient ones and promises perfect grill flavor. And what makes the wait for his steak shorter than watching the glowing coals and enjoying the typical BBQ feeling !? Another variant, the gas grill, is especially popular in America. It is ideal for spontaneous trills and the temperature of the grills is easy to regulate. But for many, the fact that you can not avoid the purchase and storage of gas against a gas grill. The electric grill completes the presentation of the various grill variants. Electric grills score especially in that not only the smoke is very low, but that you do not have to buy gas bottles or tow coal. Perfect for grilling pleasure on the balcony. The combination of grill and fireplace not only convinces by their appearance. The heat is distributed evenly from the middle of these grills, so that form different temperature zones and you can choose depending on the grill food between direct and indirect grilling. One sees: The right accessory makes the pro! If you decide next to the right grilled food for the optimal preparation and the right equipment, nothing stands in the way of perfect grilling pleasure!